who'smike sui?

mike sui?


Mike peering over sunglasses
Mike peering over sunglasses
Mike peering over sunglasses


I'm Mike Sui, an American comedic and dramatic actor, Web celebrity and host in China. I've had numerous roles of all types in feature films, TV and Web series in China. I have a special knack for creating unique, spot-on, goofy, charming or pathos-filled comedic characters.

Besides acting, I've hosted numerous TV shows and events and have done commercials for many major international companies. I have over a million followers on Weibo, China's answer to Twitter.

With a mom from the U.S. and a dad from China, I divided my childhood between Beijing and the American Midwest, learning English and Chinese equally well and becoming comfortable in both countries and cultures.

I'm eager to expand into Hollywood while staying active in China. I'm confident I can go toe to toe with Hollywood's best comedic actors plus serve as a bridge between Hollywood and China. I'm now seeking representation in Hollywood and welcome enquiries.

Please check out my sizzle, acting and other reels, plus resume, news and pix to learn more about me.

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Mike Sui