Year2017 鸡年

Year2017 鸡年



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Mike on the set of "What a Day!"

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Mike doing a Chinese New Year's video for TenCent app Tiantian Kuaibao.
Mike played a bewildered Chinese vistor to America in his self-produced Web comedy pilot.
Mike doing a rap commercial for Yili's Guliduo brand of milk products.
Mike wore a heavy spacesuit in his astronaut role for "The Wandering Earth."
Mike talking about American and Chinese culture on TenCent's "Psycho Base" show.


Back to Beijing!

Mike wrapped up a three-week holiday visit to the U.S., where he visited family and friends, ate famous KC barbecue, and snowboarded at top spots in Colorado and Wyoming.

Tiantian Kuaibao (天天快报)

Mike impersonated nosy relatives and other quirky characters for a Chinese New Year's promotional video for TenCent's popular personalized news and entertainment app Tiantian Kuaibao (Daily Bulletin).


Web comedy pilot

Mike continued work on his Web comedy pilot, completing four videos and preparing pitches for Web platforms.


"What a Day!" hits the screen

Mike played the part of a Web celebrity in "What a Day!" (《有完没完》), a comedy directed by long-time friend and artistic collaborator, Wang Xiaokun. The film follows the adventures of an unlucky guy born on April Fool's Day.


“The Wandering Earth" begins filming

Mike decamped to Qingdao for five months to film the role of astronaut Tim Liu, in Guo Fan's new sci-fi picture "The Wandering Earth" (《流浪地球》), based on a short story by famed Chinese author Liu Cixin. Mike wore a 50-pound spacesuit, was hoisted around by wires and, along with the rest of the cast, switched to a night filming schedule for the duration of this challenging but fun shoot.


“My Other Home, Beijing”

Mike played a bartender in 《纽约人在北京》, a Chinese biopic of Stephon Marbury, Beijing Ducks basketball star and former NBA All-American.

Rap Commercial

Mike used his rapping skills to highlight the nutrition and taste of Guliduo grain-fortified milk products produced by Yili, one of China's top milk brands.


"Psycho Base"

Mike made a guest appearance on the TenCent talk show 《凹凸脑爆社》, proving he knows the origin of "Uncle Sam" and talking about some of his experiences growing up in China.


"Hanson and the Beast" opens

Mike played a film director in the sci-fi hit "Hanson and the Beast" (《二代妖精》) - a futuristic love story set in a world run by spirits from the underworld.