Year2015 羊年

Year2015 羊年



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Mike getting ready to shoot his Chinese New Year video.

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Mike eating grasshoppers for his second character video.
Mike with rap group Far East Movement at the DMG Chinese New Year party.
Mike hosting a press conference for the film "Daddy's Vacation."
Mike as an immigration cop in an upcoming Chinese film shot in L.A.
Mike hosting an event for Adidas spokesperson Angelababy.
Mike mixed English and Chinese in a fast-paced rap introducing VW's Up! car model.
Mike checking out a Haima for "Mike Sui Talks New Cars."
Mike having fun with his co-host at a Lenovo Tech World event.
Mike after the New Balance Color Run or else waiting for a spaceship back to Pandora.
Mike as Ling Zhi in "Gone With the Time," reacting to the news his fiancée is abandoning him at the altar.
Mike and Wang Xiaokun in their rap commercial for Harbin beer.
Mike sampling food for "What to Eat Today."


Game show announcer

Mike became announcer and sidekick to well-known TV host Li Yong on "All for You" (《全是你的》), a TV game show similar to "The Price is Right."

18-character video released

Mike released his 18-character video on Jan. 19 to wide acclaim from old and new fans. The video, written by Mike and directed by Lalo Wong, is a sequel to Mike's 12-character video of 2012, which made him a Chinese Internet celebrity. Mike portrayed all of the main characters. Old favorite characters like Li Lei and Gan Liliang joined a number of new ones, including a sexy Thai stewardess — all played by Mike. Take a train ride with Mike’s characters and see who turns out to be a suspected terrorist, wins an apartment or has to cut out quickly to “check the gas."


Mike energizes DMG party, hosts press conference

Mike brought his usual brand of high-energy hosting to DMG Entertainment’s Chinese New Year’s party on Feb. 7, adding extra fun to the annual event. Company Co-founder and CEO Dan Mintz and Co-founder and President (Ms.) Wu Bing attended the party. Mike also hosted a press conference for the release of "Daddy's Vacation" (《爸爸的假期》).

Mike delivers Chinese New Year video greetings

Mike released a self-produced Chinese New Year video on Feb. 17 to wish everyone in China a happy and prosperous New Year. Mike used over 30 local dialects from across the country to deliver his greetings — all in one unbroken shot! Whew! Mike did his dialect homework by meeting with people hailing from all over China — a big project that took weeks. The results are amazing! Happy Year of the Sheep!


Busy with commercial work

Mike kept busy with commercials for Nissan, Skoda and VW during March. This included Mike doing voice work for his first animated commercial — an ad for VW's new Up! car model.


Roots Ducks to national b-ball title!

Mike attended two games in the national CBA playoff between the Beijing Ducks and the Jilin Tigers and avidly followed the whole series, exuberantly rooting on the Beijing team to its third national title. He was excited to cheer on the whole team, but especially Stephon Marbury, former Knicks star, with whom he had worked on the stage show "I Am Marbury" in 2014.

First time shooting in the U.S.!

Mike went to the U.S. in April to film the role of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services cop in the movie "Papa" (《洛杉矶捣蛋计划》), scheduled for release in 2016.

16th Shanghai International Auto Show

Mike kept busy at the Shanghai International Auto Show, co-hosting the multi-segment Internet show "Mike Sui Talks New Cars" (《隋说新车》) for (Tencent). Mike checked out several sharp new cars like the Lincoln Navigator, the Highlander, the Smart car and more as well as interviewed Peter Schreyer, head of design for Hyundai. Mike also did a short stand-up routine as part of an introduction to Skoda's New Fabia, which was displayed at the auto show.

Adidas NEO event

Mike emceed an event for the Adidas NEO brand in Shanghai. As part of the event, Mike interviewed NEO spokesperson and popular celebrity Angelababy.



Quick on the heels of his April trip to L.A., Mike returned to the city for a couple weeks of downtime. He caught up with his sister and old friends, attended Coachella and visited the original "city that never sleeps" — Las Vegas — for the first time. He also attended a couple Clippers games — his first live NBA games — during his April and May trips and became a loyal fan.

Lenovo Tech World 2015

Mike served as emcee for the event's press briefing, bringing his trademark geniality and humor to the annual innovation summit sponsored by Chinese tech pioneer Lenovo.


"Gone With the Time" opens

The romantic feature film "Gone With the Time" (《再见我们的十年》) hit screens on June 12. Mike plays Ling Zhi, a young Chinese businessman whose American fiancée has a secret past with one of his most trusted employees. Mike's character makes it to the altar with his bride-to-be, but ends up losing her and punching out his rival as the ceremony unravels.

NB Color Run

Mike was a guest celebrity for the 5k Beijing New Balance Color Run. After being sprayed with colored powder as part of the fun, Mike looked like an alien from "Avatar."

"Master Inventor" goes online

The 10-part Web series "Master Inventor" (《发明大师》) was released in June. Mike plays Strong, one of a band of misfit geniuses trying to create a breed of superhumans by endowing people with extraordinary skills. Numerous obstacles stand in the way, creating a steady stream of funny and farcical situations.

More hosting and commercial work

Mike hosted events for mini-car manufacturer Zhidou and online retailer He also shot an ad for Tide, which displayed his talent for impersonation and accents.


Uber driver for a day

Mike drove an Uber car around Tianjin as part of a joint Uber-NetEase ad campaign. Often an Uber customer, Mike enjoyed turning the tables and learning what it's like to be an Uber driver.

Creativity unleashed!

Mike and good friend and musical collaborator Wang Xiaokun joined forces again to create a cool and catchy rap song for Harbin Beer's "Happy Together" (《一起哈啤》) ad campaign. In the video, the two play dissatisfied office grunts who find that Harbin Beer makes the work day like a party and their boring, same-old, same-old take-out lunches a lot better.


"Love, At First" opens

Mike gave lessons to his 24-year-old-virgin buddy on how to find the right girl and make her want to stay in "Love, At First" (《爱之初体验》), a romantic comedy about first love. An engaging video promo campaign asked the film's actors and members of the public to recount their "first time," with Mike and others telling how they got through the awkward experience.

"Everything's Okay"

Mike got to wear a long sage-like beard and ancient Chinese warrior gear for his supporting role in the feature film "Everything's Okay" (《一切都好》), scheduled for release in 2016.


"What to Eat Today"

Mike began shooting the 10-part reality series "What to Eat Today" (《今天吃什么》) in Shanghai in September. The food-related show had Mike and other celebrities cooking ersatz meals out of food "scavenged" from local residents, processing garbage to understand the magnitude of restaurant food waste and cooking (and eating) ethnic delicacies such as bat, among other challenges. The series, filmed in Shanghai, Ningbo, Henan Province and Yunnan Province's Xishuangbanna ethnic minority area, began airing on Dragon TV in October.


Mike hosted the roll-out for Shanghai VW's new Golf GTI in Shanghai. The live event featured a video of Mike performing several spot-on imitations of GTI fans from China and Germany. Mike also hosted a Peugeot event featuring the world's reigning tennis king, Novak Djokovic, during the China Open.