Year2014 马年

Year2014 马年



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Mike with Stephon Marbury celebrating the success of "I Am Marbury" in October.

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Mike in a borrowed train car waiting to shoot his second character video.
Mike as Charlie in "Man of the Times."
Mike as Tom in "My Old Classmate" talking to a woman he hopes to charm.
Struggling over an English test in "My Old Classmate."
Mike and Wang Xiaokun hosting a showing of "My Old Classmate" with various stars of the movie attending.
Mike in the graduation scene from "Three Weddings."
Mike playing a pretentious art lover in "Zhuangbility Strategy."
Mike as a wedding planner in "All's Well, Ends Well."
Mike dealing with a shady impresario in "I Am Marbury."
Mike and Stephon Marbury in "I Am Marbury."


"Man of the Times" broadcast

“Man of the Times" (《一代枭雄》), a 44-part dramatic series set in China of the 1920s and 1930s, debuted on Dragon TV and other channels on Jan. 1, attracting a large audience and making Mike a more familiar face among viewers of all ages. Mike plays the role of Charlie, an American businessman trying to make money off a Chinese gold mine run by a local despot. The series stars Sun Honglei, one of China’s leading actors.

Second character video

Mike shot his second impersonation video in January, playing 18 characters — six more than in his first video. This time shooting took Mike and the crew to a plane cabin module and a real train car. It also involved furtively riding in the luggage compartment of a large bus (don't ask), eating grasshoppers, millipedes and a rodent, wearing women's underwear, a Hermes belt and a Thai Airways stewardess uniform, feigning blindness, getting tackled to the floor and professing a love of tree bark. Lalo Wong directed and edited the video, which was scripted and acted by Mike, with cameos by two friends and the use of a body double.


"Meili's Contract" airs

“Meili's Contract" (《美丽的契约》), a 41-part dramedy, was broadcast on Beijing TV and four other major channels beginning Feb. 1. Mike plays the main supporting male role of Michael, the son of a wealthy European family who finds himself in China “slumming” as an English teacher and falling into a relationship with a Chinese woman who is ready to marry. The popular series stars Song Dandan, one of China’s top comedic actresses, and has brought Mike increased recognition from Chinese TV audiences.


"All's Well, Ends Well" begins shooting

Mike began shooting "All's Well, Ends Well" (《最强囍事》), a 13-part sitcom, in Nanjing. The show is produced by Jiangsu TV. Mike plays a fake doctor — in actuality, a beauty products salesman — who unwittingly falls into the wedding planning biz and discovers he has a knack not only for organizing weddings but for ironing out couples' differences.


"My Old Classmate" hits the screen

Mike and Wang Xiaokun invited friends and fans to a showing of "My Old Classmate" (《同桌的你》) in Beijing on April 25, soon after its nationwide release. Mike plays the role of Tom, a foreign student wannabe who is actually Chinese. The story follows the lives of several Chinese students from the 1980s' generation. "My Old Classmate" came in 10th in box office receipts for domestic films in 2014, bringing in more than RMB 400 million (about $64 million) in the first couple weeks after its release, a large take by Chinese standards.


"All's Well, Ends Well" airs

"All's Well, Ends Well" began airing in May in a regular weekly time slot, a novelty for a Chinese TV comedy or drama. Most TV series broadcast several episodes a week until their "season" is over.


"Three Weddings" wraps

Mike wrapped the film “Three Weddings” (《爸爸的三次婚礼》) after a five-week shoot primarily in the coastal city of Dalian. Mike plays the main supporting male role, Wang Yifan.


Mike wraps up "Zhuangbility"

Mike shot "Zhuangbility" (《装B攻略》), a multi-part Web comedy written and directed by friend and collaborator Lalo Wong. "Zhuangbility" is a Chinese-English hybrid word meaning "clueless pretention." In the series, Mike brings to life a collection of full-of-themselves characters including an urban inspector, gourmet wannabes, a pretentious art aficionado and more. Mike imbues even the most pompous of these characters with endearing pathos, a mark of Mike's comedic mastery.


Mike goes on "Classmate" trip

Mike and other members of the cast and crew of "My Old Classmate" traveled to Norway and Denmark as guests of the movie's producers. In 2013, the producers promised to take the film's cast and crew to one of the geographical poles if the movie was a hit. Coming in at #10 in China's domestic box office for 2014, the producers happily fulfilled their pledge. Mike and the others didn't quite reach the North Pole, but came pretty close — reaching a Norwegian island at the top of the European continent as part of an 8-day fjord cruise.

"All's Well, Ends Well" Part Two begins shooting

Mike returned to Nanjing in late August to shoot 13 more episodes of the romantic sitcom. Part Two began airing in October.


"I Am Marbury" staged in Beijing

Mike co-starred with former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury, now star of the Beijing Ducks — the local CBA franchise — in the multimedia stage extravaganza “I Am Marbury” (《我是马布里》) from Oct. 1-11 in Beijing. Mike played an American musician, down on his luck in Beijing, who finds he has a lot in common with a certain mysterious basketball player who quietly helps him out. More importantly, the basketball player teaches Mike's character how to face adversity and win in life through teamwork.

"Master Inventor" begins shooting

Mike began shooting the 10-part Internet comedy "Master Inventor" (《发明大师》) in mid-October.


Romcom shoots

Mike shot "Love, At First" (《爱之初体验》), a romcom scheduled for release in 2015. The movie put Mike in the role of a romantically savvy 20-something, trying to educate — with vegetables and other food props — his younger buddy in the ways of love.

Film released

"Women Who Flirt" (《撒娇女人最好命》) was released on Nov. 28. In the film, Mike plays a man whose job as a mortuary make-up artist dampens his chances for love.