Year2013 蛇年

Year2013 蛇年



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Mike as Charlie in "Man of the Times," with lead actor Sun Honglei.

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On the set of "Man of the Times."
Mike with stand-up comedian Joe Wong preparing for the International Channel Shanghai Spring Festival gala.
Mike as René helping his gravely ill friend compose a final love letter in "Remembering Wang Lichuan."
Mike on the set of "My Old Classmate."
Mike on the set of "My Old Classmate" preparing for a wedding scene.
Mike as Li Dong, trying to win back his ex-girlfriend in "Never Give Up, Dodo."


New Year's parties

Mike hosted the Chinese New Year party for VW in Beijing. He also appeared on the Spring Festival Gala produced by International Channel Shanghai.


"Remembering Wang Lichuan"

Mike shot the role of René, the best friend of the dying protagonist, for the TV drama "Remembering Wang Lichuan" (《遇见王沥川》).

Health and fitness

Mike began a series of guest hosting gigs for "Hall of Good Health" (《养生堂》), a program on Beijing TV. The show focuses on wellness tips for middle-aged and older viewers. Later in the spring, Mike made a celebrity appearance running in the Yangzhou Half Marathon's 10k event.


"Man of the Times" begins shooting

Mike began shooting "Man of the Times" (《一代枭雄》) in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province. The 44-part 1930s' TV drama is scheduled for release in 2014. Mike plays Charlie, an American businessman in Shanghai, who helps a local despot modernize a gold mine.

"The Monthly What's Up" launches

Mike and Wang Xiaokun released their first in a series of topical monthly rap videos, "The Monthly What's Up" (《每月那点事》). Targets of their barbed humor ranged from Kim Jong-un and Chinese air pollution to the peccadilloes of people in the news and China's friendship with Zambia. With backdrops ranging from a crawdad shack in Beijing's rowdy Gui Jie area to the back of a truck and a public toilet, Mike and Wang Xiaokun broke new ground in their artistic collaboration, edging toward the "edgy" by poking fun at current events.


Commercial work

Mike began shooting "Discover Sui," a series of man-in-the-street ads for chipmaker Qualcomm and followed this work with ads for Marriott, IMAX and more.


Game shows

Mike competed for mega-bucks on "Dream Cube" (《梦立方》), a game show modeled on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Two of Mike's friends provided moral support and "lifeline" advice, but Mike still didn't take home the big money. Later in the month, he appeared on "Battle of the Sexes" (《男左女右》), a Shenzhen TV dating show highlighting the "Mars-Venus" differences between women and men.


"My Old Classmate" begins shooting

Mike went to Xiamen to shoot "My Old Classmate" (《同桌的你》), a movie dealing with Chinese college life, study abroad, broken dreams, hidden secrets and the inexorability of change.

"He Ping's Golden Age" begins shooting

Mike began shooting "He Ping's Golden Age" (《和平的全盛时代》), a 32-part TV series. Mike plays the foreign step-relative of a Chinese family that has trouble fully accepting him.


Adidas event

Mike hosted an Adidas Training Academy program in Beijing featuring Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard.


"Never Give Up, Dodo"

Mike began shooting the 10-part Web series "Never Give Up, Dodo" (《钱多多炼爱记》) in Shanghai. Mike plays Dodo's ex-boyfriend, who ends up living with Dodo and her new man while trying to win Dodo back.


"If I Love You"

Mike went to Naples, Italy to shoot "If I Love You" (《如果我爱你》), a 34-part TV drama to be released in 2014.


"Life Needs Debunking"

Mike began shooting "Life Needs Debunking" (《人生需要揭穿》), a 10-part Web comedy highlighting the pitfalls of romantic love.