Year2012 龙年

Year2012 龙年



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Six of 12 characters from Mike's viral video.

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Mike hosting a concert in Ningbo.
Mike appeared in a series of videos for World of Tanks, a video game.
Mike fooling around on the set of "Oh!Sit."
Hosting an event for Nike Sports Day.
Mike with Liang Jing, who plays his girlfriend, on the set of "Meili's Contract."
Partying in "The Bendover."
Pretending to smoke for "The Bendover."


Valentine video

Mike and Wang Xiaokun released a multi-vignette Valentine video featuring song, sentiment and humor. Among the vignettes, Mike portrays a single woman harangued by her mom for her taste in men, as well as Jeremy Lin, a reporter and more.


Mike films 12-character video

Mike wrote the script for his 12-character video and later filmed it — performing all 12 roles himself — during an "all nighter" after closing time at a popular restaurant in Beijing. Dong Jianxiong shot and edited the video.


12-character video goes viral

Mike released his 12-character video on April 27. By April 28 Mike had already become a celebrity on the Chinese Internet. The popular video features characters from around China and the world, including the bossy but heartbroken "English fiend" Li Lei, who insists that Chinese people speak English so as not to "lose face for our mother country." The video displays Mike's keen comedic sense, as well as his skill at mastering accents and creating funny, engaging, memorable characters. It also captures Mike's familiarity with Chinese culture and China's ambivalent relationship to English.


Mike gets busy

Mike began doing extensive paid work after the success of his popular 12-character video, including live event hosting and videos for World of Tanks and companies such as Nescafé. He was also interviewed by numerous media outlets.


Hitting the airwaves

Mike appeared on the popular Hunan TV variety show "Upward Every Day" (《天天向上》) and soon began making guest appearances on a number of programs, including the popular celebrity competition show "Give It All You Got" (《全力以赴》) and "Chinese Bridge" (《汉语桥》), a Chinese language competition for non-Chinese.

Viral marketing projects

Mike and his creative team headed by Lalo Wong began producing a series of creative videos for clients including HP and Puma Social. The videos featured bungee jumping, cobras, hot yoga and body paint as well as rapping, tricycle racing and crowd surfing on the streets of Shanghai.


Mike becomes TV co-host

Mike began co-hosting the "steal the chair" competition show "Oh! Sit" (《一座为王》) for Hunan TV.


More (dangerous) TV hosting

Mike began co-hosting "Forbidden Laboratory" (《禁止实验室》), the popular science segment of the Hunan TV show "News Seeks the Facts" (《新闻大求真》). In this safety-oriented show, Mike risked exploding refrigerators and other hazards to show viewers what NOT to do at home.

New movies released

The youth-oriented drama "Fearless" (《热血街头》) was released in July and the farcical comedy "Happy Hotel" (《了翻天》) was released in August, increasing Mike's visibility in an explosive year for him in China.


Nike Sports Day

Mike hosted events featuring LeBron James, Paul George and other famous athletes as part of Nike Sports Day in Shanghai.


Mike performed a stand-up routine for the e-retailing giant Alibaba's annual e-commerce summit, which convened "netrepreneurs" from its Taobao and Tmall sites in the company's home city of Hangzhou.

Major role in TV dramedy

Mike began shooting "Meili's Contract" (《美丽的契约》), a 41-part TV series in which he plays the main supporting male role of Michael, a wealthy European who hides his moneyed background from his marriage-hungry Chinese girlfriend.


Mike stars in "The Bendover"

Mike went to Taiwan in November to film "The Bendover" (《率性生活之末日逆袭》), a five-part Internet mini-movie. In the comedy, Mike plays Chuck, one of the story's three main characters and an American who somehow never learned English, giving his status-conscious prospective Chinese mother-in-law even more reason to dislike him. The story explores the tribulations of Chuck and his two best buddies, including their mysterious "alien encounter" on the eve of the much-anticipated "End of the World" — Dec. 21, 2012.