Year2011 兔年

Year2011 兔年



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Mike as Dali in "Single No More."

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Mike in "Single No More."
Mike at a press conference for the wrap of "Happy Hotel."
Mike as a U.S. journalist recording his impressions of the Communist headquarters in Yan'an for "General's Diary."
Mike starring in a self-produced rap video for Manzuo, a group purchasing company offering coupons for Baskin-Robbins.


Event hosting

Mike hosted a music event sponsored by Pony. He continued his collaboration with the clothing and shoe manufacturer for over a year, hosting several events around China.


Manzuo commercial videos

Mike wrote and produced three ad videos for Manzuo, a Chinese group purchasing company. Two of the videos featured Mike rapping original compositions.


"Happy Hotel"

Mike filmed the role of Joseph, an upscale financial vulture, for the comedy "Happy Hotel" (《乐翻天》).


"General's Diary" broadcast

Mike appeared for the first time in a TV series in "General's Diary" (《将军日记》), which was broadcast on China Central TV 1, the country's most prestigious channel. In the war drama, Mike plays a U.S. journalist visiting the Communist base in Yan'an during the 1930s.


First major film role!

Mike appeared as Dali, the main male supporting role in "Single No More" (《光棍终结者》), a romantic comedy about Web matchmakers trying to help others find love while their own love lives flounder.



Mike filmed the role of the emcee in "Fearless" (《热血街头》), a drama about young street dancers vying for a national dance title and overcoming personal adversity.