Year2010 虎年

Year2010 虎年



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Mike in his rap video for 360.

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Hunting for treasure in "Welcome to Shamatown."
Mike taking viewers on a tour of Hong Kong Disneyland for "World Travel."
Mike gutting fish for "Go As Far As You Can."
Mike putting egg tarts in the oven at a Hong Kong eatery for "Go As Far As You Can."


On the big screen at last!

Mike appeared on the silver screen for the first time with the release of "Welcome to Shamatown" (《决战刹马镇》). As Little P, Mike plays a driver and drudge working for a gang of scam artists.


Guest host for travel show

As three-time guest host for China Travel Channel's "Go As Far As You Can" (《有多远走多远》), Mike took viewers to a fishing village, seafood market and traditional paidang eatery in Hong Kong. With his usual gusto, Mike dove into cleaning fish, cooking egg tarts and sampling a wide variety of local delicacies. The episodes aired in November.


More travel hosting

Mike filmed a segment for China Travel Channel's "World Travel" (《世界游》) — taking viewers to Hong Kong Disneyland. The episode aired in early 2011.

Mike produces first major video

Mike composed, performed, produced and directed a five-minute rap video for 360, an Internet security firm, as part of a commercial "war" with one of its rivals, Chinese digital behemoth Tencent. It was Mike's first major video as well as his first commercial video.